turbid water solutions

noun (of a liquid) transforming cloudy, opaque or muddy into clean and clear

Turbid Water Solutions provides end-to-end water treatment solutions for the construction and mining industries.

“Sediment is a major issue affecting water quality and the health of our waterways, wetlands and bays.”

Graeme “Butch” Uechtritz

Managing Director, Turbid Water Solutions
BAppSc (EnvMgt Marine Biol)

Turbid Water Solutions (Turbid) was formed in 2012 to assist civil contractors deal with stormwater on their construction sites. We have seen first-hand the challenges and frustrations felt by contractors having to deal with stormwater to keep their sites operational and to satisfy environmental criteria. We saw an opportunity to develop a new suite of solutions that make dealing with stormwater simple and efficient and allow contractors to keep the focus on completing their projects without delay and encumbrance.

Today Turbid provides its clients with customised designs and solutions for site water treatment and dewatering on:

  • residential and industrial developments,
  • road construction,
  • municipal landfills,
  • quarries,
  • mine operations,
  • mine rehabilitation,
  • mineral processing facilities, and
  • broadacre horticulture.

Turbid can design, build and operate (or any combination of) various water treatment solutions that take into account:

  • variability in rainfall and the use of stored water as a resource,
  • site specific constraints,
  • site specific assets, and
  • operational ability to achieve water quality targets.

In conjunction with developer and contractor needs, the most effective solution is designed prior to any groundworks occurring.

Turbid’s Floc Box is an innovative and cost-effective coagulant dispensing unit, designed to effectively treat sediment laden water on a construction site.

The Floc Box is lightweight, mobile and can be used in a range of industry applications. The following video demonstrates how our Floc Box technology operates on-site.

Turbid’s Floc Box design is user-friendly, requiring minimal human operation and involving no electronic or mechanical parts. Maintenance, routine checks and alterations are simple to achieve with our innovative Floc Box technology.