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Download-button3Turbid® Stormwater Solutions develops innovative solutions to manage stormwater and to protect waterways from sediment, thus providing hassle-free compliance for mining and construction sites.

At Turbid we believe earthworks can be carried out without causing harm to waterways. 

Through innovative designs and products we provide the Australian construction industry with cost-effective, low maintenance processes to achieve this outcome. Our fully automated dosing units (ifod®s) and high efficiency sediment basin designs are such processes.

Our team of innovative engineers and scientists can help you achieve your construction site water discharge criteria, and give you the satisfaction of knowing that your construction activities are not harming our waterways.

In May 2014, Turbid won prestigious Ovum awards for its innovative stormwater treatment solution on landfills.

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Key Products and Services


Turbid recommends the high quality coagulant, Turbiclear® which is an environmentally friendly,
rapid acting coagulant for application to sediment basins. Read More >>

Complete Water Treatment Solution

Turbid offers the management of all your basin requirements, including on-site chemical top-ups, a coagulation management plan and high efficiency
basin design. 

ifod® Unit

The ifod® unit is custom designed for accurate dosing of this highly effective coagulant during rainfall events.



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